2017 Officers
Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite,

Southern Jurisdiction, USA.

Orient of Georgia, Valley of Macon

Personal Representative to Sovereign Grand Inspector General in Georgia & Chairman of the Executive Committee

 R. Keel Broom, 32° KCCH

Executive Committee Vice Chairman

Dennis Snider, 32° KCCH

Life Members of Executive Committee

  MWB F. Ray Jackson 33°, Donald I DeKalb 33°
Donald Parrott 33°, Harley Phillips 33°, Merrill Clark 33°

 Members at Large of the Executive Committee

1-Yr      John Minnich, 33°                         Michael Horner, 32°

2-Yr      George Thompson, 33°              Wm David Baxter, 32°

3-Yr      Walter Ashby, 32° KCCH           Lynn Turner, 32° KCCH

4-Yr      Warren Herbert, 32° KCCH           William Sparrow, 32°

George L Williams, 33° Executive Committee Attorney

w/o vote

George Thompson, 33° Chairman - Special Projects

 * Indicates Members of Executive Committee by Position Held

Lodge of Perfection

* Venerable Master                                          Joe Watson, 33°

Senior Warden                                  Ralph Williams, 32° KCCH

Junior Warden                              Bartolome Ramos, 32° KCCH

Orator                                       Brandon Yarbrough, 32° KCCH

Master of Ceremonies                        Robert Morris, 32° KCCH

Chapter of Rose Croix

* Wise Master                                                John Minnich, 33°

Senior Warden                                    Chuck Woods, 32° KCCH

Junior Warden                                             Steve Alligood, 32°

Orator                                            Gordon Ruthruff, 32° KCCH

Council of Kadosh

* Commander                                             Joe B. Johnson, 32°

Lt. Commander                                                Neil Mimbs, 33°

2nd Lt. Commander                                   Michael Horner, 32°

Orator                                                            Phillip Wyatt, 32°

Master of Ceremonies                                  Danny Elyson, 32°

 Macon Consistory

* Master of Kadosh                            William David Baxter, 32°

Prior                                                             John Woodall, 32°

Preceptor                                                    Patrick Mimbs, 32°

Minister of State                                         Eugene Waring, 32°

Master of Ceremonies                                Jimmy Johnson, 32°

All Bodies

* General Secretary                                       Rick Smalley, 33° 

* Treasurer                                               Norbert Duncan, 33°

Treasurer Assistant                                      John Minnich, 33° 

Tyler                                         Robert C. Lord, 33° (W/O Vote)

             * Almoner Committee (Chairman)                

Ricky R. Smalley, 33°, Chairman

(NOTE:  SEC, TREA, AND ALMONER CHAIR     John Minnich, 33°
Neal Mimbs, 33°
* Prelate                                                      Steve Alligood, 32°

** Prelate Emeritus                                        Charlie Byers, 33°

 * Director of Work                                          Neal Mimbs, 33°

** Director of Works Emeritus                    Donald Parrott,33°* Commander, KCCH Court             Gordon  Ruthruff, 32° KCCH

* Scottish Rite Association Committee Chairman        

Wm David Baxter, 32°

 * Commander, Scottish Rite Guard              Foye L. Tinsely, III

Scottish Rite Education Foundation

  Keel Broom, PR (Appointed) 

 Joe Watson 33° (Appointed)
                        Norbert Duncan, 33°  (Elected)                                     Mike Horner, 32° (Elected)            

               Rick Smalley, 33 General Secretary (Elected)                                               
Scottish Rite Building Corporation

Norbert Duncan 33°                                          Joe Watson 33°

Walter Ashby, 32° KCCH                              Donald Parrott 33° (Chairman)    Dennis Snider, 32° KCCH  

Lionel Barfield, 32° KCCH
Rick Smalley 33° General Secretary, No Vote