2017 Committees of the
    Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry of the Southern Jurisdiction, U.S.A.,
                                Orient of Georgia, Valley of Macon

R. Keel Broom 32° KCCH, PR SGIG                                                                                        Rick Smalley 33°, General Secretary

1.  Membership:

Purpose:  Develop procedures, policies, and teams for promoting Scottish Rite programs at various Blue Lodges.  Recruit new members, mentor existing membership, and review nonpayment of dues list and personally contact one (1) year in arrears.  Contact suspended members for possible re-instatement.

Standing Members:

Membership Chairman - Walt Ashby, 32° KCCH

Chairman – Charles E. Holloway, 32° KCCH
Assistant Chairman – Foye Tinsley III, 32°
Member – Joe Johnson, 32°
Member – Eddie Reid, 32°

Chapter of Rose Croix Officers

Retention                                                                                   Restoration
Chairman – Neal Mimbs, 33°                                             Chairman – Bobby Simmons, 33°
Member – Danny Roberts, 32°                                           Member – Chuck Woods, 32°
Member – Charles Kasnowski, 32°                                     Member – Eddie Hendricks, 32°

Council of Kadosh Officers                                      

2.  Budget & Finance:

Purpose:  Provide annual budget and monitor monthly financial report to validate budgetary requirements.  Review reports on quarterly basis, and make recommendations for adjustments.  Provide, as requested, a one year projection of income and expenditures, taking into consideration loss of membership, increase in per capita tax, etc.  Make recommendations to the Executive Board on corrective actions needed to allow for a balanced budget.

Standing Members:

1.  Year, John Minnich, 33°                                                  1.  Brandon Yarborough, 32° KCCH 
2.  Year, Don Parrott, 33°                                                    2.  Dennis Snider, 32° (Chairman)
3.  Year, Neal Mimbs, 33°                                                    3.  Walt Ashby, 32° KCCH
4.  Norbert Duncan, 33°, Treasurer  

3.  Americanism and ROTC Awards: 

Purpose:  Make arrangements and execute the annual Scottish Rite Flag Program. Meet special requests for “Build a Flag “program.  Provide for presentation of awards to qualified ROTC (both Junior and Senior ROTC) students in the local area. 

Americanism and Patriotism’s:  John Minnich, 32° KCCH, Chairman

Scottish Rite Flag:

Chairman - Lionel L. Barfield, 32°
Member - Dan Kitchens, 32°,
Member - Respuss Carr, 32° KCCH
Member - Ralph Williams, 32° KCCH
Member - Cory Robinson, 32°
Member - Danny Ellison, 32°
Member - Charles E. Holloway, 32° KCCH
Member – William O. Marshall, 33°
Member - Chris Allen Land, 32°

Veterans Luncheon:

Chairman – Eddie Hendricks, 32° KCCH
Member – George Williams, 33°
Member - Harold Glover, 32°
Member - Eddie Hendricks, 32°
Member - B. J. Vest, 32° KCCH
Member - Warren Herbert, 32° KCCH
Member - Sam Herbert, 32°
Member - Charles E. Holloway, 32° KCCH
Member – Walt Ashby, 32° KCCH
Member – Eugene Waring, 32°
Member – James Parker 32°

ROTC Awards Program: 

Chairman - Michael Hamlin, 32° KCCH
Member - Joe Watson, 33°                             

Member -Richard Hatcher, 32°
Member - Bobby Simmons, 33°                     

Member – Danny Robinson, 32° KCCH
Member - Rudolph N Patterson, Jr., 32°       

Member – Warren Herbert, 32° KCCH
Member – Gordon Ruthruff, 32° KCCH      

Member - Charles Gary, 32°         
Member - Phil Wyatt, 32°                              

Member - Danny Ellison, 32°                       

 - To any and all members who would like to make a presentation.

4.  External PR Communications:

Purpose:  Provide information to members by coordinating and publishing monthly electronic newsletter.  Solicit information from various committees within the Valley for inclusion in the newsletter. Be responsible for ensuring Valley information is forwarded in a timely manner to the editor of the Masonic Messenger for inclusion in that publication.

Standing Members:

Chairman - Roy Jeffries, 32° - Web Master (www.scottishritemacon.com)  
Member - Rick Smalley, 33°                          

Facebook – Michael Horner, 32°
Member – Randall Fabricius, 32°                  

Emails – Rae Knight, 32°
Phone Tree - John Minnich 33°

5.  Easter Celebration and Tishra: 

Purpose:  Work in conjunction with Director of Work to promote, plan, and execute activities for Easter Celebration, and the Feast of Tishra.  Ensure all required items to support such activities are available.

Standing Members:

Chairman - Rick Lanford, 32°
Member - Emmett R. Johns, 33°
Member - Neil Maddox, 32° KCCH
Member - William O. Marshall, 33°
Member – Charles P. Byer, 33°
Member – Jerome S. Schnee, 32°

6.  Office Assistance:

Purpose: Provide assistance for Valley Secretary when he is absent, during regular meetings/reunions, and during increased office activities such as newsletter preparation, dues notice mailings, collecting of monies at regular and special meals, etc.

Standing Members:

Bob Morris, 32°, KCCH 

John Minnich, 33°

Rae Knight, 32°

7.  By-laws:

Purpose:  Review by-laws each October and recommend (in writing) changes as required.

Standing Members:

Chairman - Donald L. Parrott, 33°
Member – Joe Watson, 33°
Member - William O. Marshall, 33°

8.  Scottish Rite Guard:

Purpose:  Work to exemplify the Scottish Rite through exemplary Masonic action, duty, and service by; 1) Provide cheerful service at any time  and in any capacity when called upon by any officer or committee chair within the valley, 2) serve as greeters, guides, and escorts, 3) Assist the elderly and /or handicapped, 4) serve as mentors to new members during and after reunions, 5) assist in the parking of vehicles and serve as parking lot guards if required, 6) perform other duties as necessary to promote the welfare of the Scottish Rite.

Standing Members: 

Commander -  Foye L. Tinsley, III, 32°
Lt. Commander -   Eugene Waring, 32°
Adjutant -  Gordon Ruthruff, 32°
Capt. of the Guard -   Patrick Mimbs, 32°
Sgt. Of the Guard -  ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_____________
Chaplain -  _________________

9.  Scottish Rite Associations:

Purpose:  Coordinate with various Associations to ensure information from the Valley of Macon is available to them, assist in providing program material for Association meetings, and to serve as an advocate for the Associations to the Valley of Macon and the Personal Representative to the Sovereign Grand Inspector General for the Orient of Georgia.  The Chairman will serve on the Executive Committee as a voting member.

Standing Members:

Chairman – Joe Watson, 33°
Vice Chairman – R. William Hancock, 32°
And all Presidents of the Associations.

10.  Rite Care Committee:

Purpose:  The Rite Care Committee shall be responsible for providing interface with the Orient of Georgia Rite Care Program, coordinate with the local Rite Care providers, and generate revenue that will allow for the continuance of the program in the Valley of Macon. 

Standing Members:

Chairman – Wm David Baxter, 32°
1. Year: Rick Lanford, 32°                                                                         1.  Paul Pilcher, 32°
2. Year: Lynn Turner, 32° KCCH                                                                2.  William O. Marshall, 33°
3. Year: Arthur Clark, Jr., 32°                                                                    3.  William Sparrow, 32°
4. Year: Charles Kasnowski, 32°                                                                4.  Roy Jeffries, 32°

11.  Ambassador Committee:

Purpose: Ambassador to the Blue Lodges in the Valley of Macon, keeping the Lodges informed of Scottish Rite Activities, assist Membership Committee, and to keep the PR SGIG informed of Blue Lodge feedback or suggestions.

Standing Members:

Chairman - Joe B. Johnson, 32°
Member - Roy Jeffries, 32°                          

Member - Brandon Yarbrough, 32° KCCH

Member - Charles E. Holloway, 32° KCCH            

Member - Danny Roberts, 32° KCCH
Member - Charles Gary, 32°                          

Member – Patrick Mimbs, 32°

12.  Double Eagle Award Committee:

Purpose: To keep track of award points for members, update point award list as necessary and to plan a time with the PR SGIG to award the Double Eagle Award.

Standing Members:

Neil Maddock, 32° KCCH – Chairman

13.  Entertainment Committee:

Purpose: To organize and line up programs for monthly LOP meetings.

Standing members:

Chairman - Bill & Barbara Marshall, 32°
Member - Steve & Theresa Alligood, 32°

Member – George and Maye Williams, 33°

Member – Dennis and Lou Snider, 32°

14.  Ritualistic Work:


A. The Director of Work ensures all aspects of Degree/Ritual performance and production, scheduling of the reunions, web site information, opening and closing of the four (4) lodges, and the development and presentation of special events are timely/accurate and in consort with the provisions as established by the Supreme Council for the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite of the USA.  He provides overall supervision and direction to Degree Masters, Stage Director, AV Director, Floor Director, Class Director, Robe Room Director, special events committees, and office personnel on subjects pertaining to Ritualistic Work.

B.  The Education Committee will be under the cognizance of the Director of Work providing guidance and assistance to the Chairman to develop and conduct educational classes for the Scottish Rite Master Craftsman I, II and III programs.

The Chairman (Director of Work) will serve on the Executive Committee as a voting member.


Neal Mimbs, 33°, Director
Charlie Byer, 33°, Assistant Director
Donald L. Parrot, 33°, Director Emeritus                  
A.  Class Assistance:
Scottish Rite Guard

Degree Masters:

4th Degree; Charles Holloway, 32° KCCH
14th Degree; Neil Maddock, 32°, KCCH
18th Degree; Jerry Purvis, 32° KCCH, 32º
30th Degree; Mike Hamlin, 32°, KCCH  
32nd Degree Phil Booth, 32°, KCCH


Randy Fabricius, 32°
Patrick Mimbs, 32°


Norbert Duncan, 33° 

Chairman; Phil Booth, 32°, KCCH 

Dan Kitchens, 32°, KCCH 

Lionel Barfield, 32° KCCH 

Walter Ashby, 32° KCCH 

Landon Culpepper, 32° 

George Matoy, 32°


Charles Woods, 32°, KCCH, Chairman 

Arthur H. Clarke, Jr., 32° 

Edward A. Hendricks, 32° 

David B. Williams, 32° 

David B. Williams, Jr., 32° 

Michael D. Doyle, 32° 

Tivis D. Vance, 32° 

Bartolome E. Ramos, 32° KCCH 

Ernest E. White, 32° 

Jimmy L. Johnson, 32°


Ralph Williams, 32° KCCH, Chairman

William O. Marshall, 33°.  


B.  Education Committee:

Purpose: To develop and conduct educational classes for the Scottish Rite Master Craftsman I, II and III programs.

Standing Members:

Chairman - Shawn Douglas, 32°
Member - Charles E. Holloway, 32° KCCH
Member - Roy Jeffries, 32°

Committee chairs may ask for additional membership as required/desired.  Additional committees may be appointed throughout the year to support additional workload/functions.